My name is Mike Weibel and I’m the owner of Pathway Internet Marketing. Originally a CPA and an Fortune 500 Business Analyst, I began internet marketing in 2009. Since that time I’ve built countless websites for myself and various small business owners, optimized those websites to get natural search engine traffic (SEO), and I’ve learned SEO and internet marketing from the best in the business.
Pathway includes a “virtual team” who assist me with all aspects of website construction and design. I handle the search marketing strategy, tactics and analysis to insure what we do works, and is constantly improving. Along with my team of web developers, graphic designers and assistants we provide an efficient, cost effective, smart solution to building and ranking small business websites.
When I’m not working to get a website to rank on page one in the search engine results, I’m an avid pilot, golfer and general fitness junkie in my spare time. More than anything else though, I enjoy working to understand SEO better each day, and helping my clients create more leads, customers and ultimately revenue.