SWOT analysis

Most businesses analyze the industry landscape before they ever get their start. The answer to questions like:

  • How large is the market in my area?
  • How many competitors are there and how strong are they?
  • Are there any niches or opportunities I can seize due to gaps in the market?
  • What threats, either from individual competitors or from industry changes, should I be aware of?

These same kinds of questions are relevant to the design and content on your website. Making sure you properly understand your internet competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities that presents for you provide useful information in designing your website.

  1. Is your unique selling proposition the same as 25 other businesses in your area, and is what you do best a unique offering in your market?
  2. Have you properly researched your competition so you know exactly where you fall in your market?
  3. Do you know how strong your competitor’s web presence is for selected keywords?
  4. Is there an opportunity, i.e. something people are searching for, and not finding, that you can offer or emphasize on your site?