Analysis Of Your Website Traffic

Who is your customer? Are they a local resident, or from out of state? How often do they come to your place of business, how long do they stay, what do they look for when they’re there, when do they finally buy?
Analyzing website traffic

These are questions any savvy business owner with a brick-and-morter store can likely answer, but how do you get this information on the internet?

It turns out it’s available, and in many way there’s more information available about the traffic to your website than you would imagine. Things like:

  • What were they looking for when they arrived
  • If by search, what keyword(s) brought them to you
  • If they came from another site, which one?
  • What was the first place (page) they went?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Why did they leave?
  • Did they buy, and if so what/how much?

Each time a visitor comes to your website, you have the opportunity to capture and evaluate this information. When you do, it provides valuable insight that can be used to improve the design and structure of your site, to convert more visitors to customers.

If you’ve missing out on this opportunity to revise and update your website based on what’s working and what’s not, you’ve leaving money on the table. Every day that passes means missed customers, missed sales and lost revenue.

Isn’t it time to start picking that money up?