Provide Great Content

What information are you presenting on your website? Did you use the majority of your visible screen real estate establishing your credentials and explaining how your company is a great ‘widget’ service business in Dallas or Oklahoma City, or did you explain how you quickly, efficiently and affordably solve your customer’s problems, explain why your business is different, and explain how you can solve their problem(s) and then tell them what you would like the visitor/customer to do next?
Website construction and content
Is your contact information displayed prominently, such as phone number, address, a link to a map to your store or office, etc?

Does each page have a “call to action”, an action you want the customer to take and something of real value you are willing to give them in exchange?

When you tell your website visitors what you would like them to do, you have a much greater chance that they will do it. Whether they do or not, when you track their decision (e.g. did they click that button or not?) you will know if your page strategy is working or not.

These are the things that intelligent, proactive websites do to continually improve and get better.

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