Track visitor behavior

So, this is going well…
Sales funnel
You’ve got visitors coming to your website (traffic), your website is ranking on page one in the search engines, but nothing is happening. They are not calling / registering / buying / etc.

What to do?
A well designed website will have a goal for each page, PLUS an intended path that it intends visitors will follow called a sales funnel. For example, it may expect most visitors to come to the home page, to see the ad on the home page about a 30% off coupon, click that link to go to a sales page, and hopefully request more information or download the coupon in exchange for their email address.

That path is the sales funnel. What happens in the sales funnel is the purpose of tracking visitor behavior.

If you know no one is going from the home page to your sales page, that’s one thing.

If you know 50% of the visitors are going to the sales page (that’s great!) but only 2% are downloading the coupon, that’s something else.

Pathway Internet Marketing can help you (a) create an effective sales funnel, and (b) track your visitor behavior to understand what is happening in the funnel, what needs improvement, and what to do next.

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