Link Building

You are the best [your business here] in Plano, Frisco, or Richardson.

The problem is, how is Google or Yahoo supposed to know that? They want to, because their business is serving you with the best results they can when you search for something. For example, when you search for a Plano handyman, Google knows you’ll be happier if they serve up a list of only the best handymen in town.
But they need some way to determine, out of the millions of businesses on planet earth, which ones really are the best in each area.

What to do … what to do?

To try to solve this problem, the search engines decided that one reliable way to evaluate the quality of a business was by tracking how many other websites pointed their visitors (via links) to your website. If there are 1,000 other websites linking back to your site telling their customers “here’s a great handyman” then you are probably a great handyman.

Hence, link building was born.

Link building is not the only criteria for measuring the relevancy, quality and popularity of a website, especially now that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are providing other ways to measure that. But incoming links are still an important factor in getting your website to rank highly in the search engines, and we know how to get you links.

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