Each month, we give away one Bronze level custom website (up to 5 pages) plus 3 months free hosting as an incentive for prospective customers to register. and because we like the idea of helping someone out who may need the help. No tricks, no bait and switch, just a legitimate website to promote your company and help you begin to grow your business.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of the offer at the bottom of this page:

Contest Rules:

  1. A contest winner will be chosen by Pathway Internet Marketing
  2. Pathway shall have the final word in the event of any disputes
  3. Pathway will accept no responsibility for the contents of your website
  4. You are responsible for providing Pathway the content for the website.
  5. Pathway will provide up to 2 hours consultation to discuss website content, layout, etc.
  6. You are under no obligation to accept, or keep, the website once completed
  7. Pathway reserves the right to discontinue the contest at any time
  8. Offer limited to residents of the State of Texas, unless you can convince us otherwise
  9. There will be additional terms when we think of them